These cookies were amazingggggg!!! I brought one home for my toddlers and ended up eating it at 3 am 

Gina Y.

Cookies were a huuuuge hit!!!! Sooooo many compliments!!!!  

Jillian S.

Donation for a Fundraiser

Reminds me of my childhood (Snickerdoodle)

NJ State Fair Cookie Contest Judge

I'm hooked... I have yet to taste another cookie that compares to yours

Lynne E.

My son took his first bite of one of your cookies and burst out, "Oh my god!" Amazing!

Janice T.

Your cookies are deadly 

Erin G.

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OMG!!! DELISH!! The cranberry/white chocolate chip is outstanding. YUMMY!! 

Donna Maria O.

Your cookies are delicious! 

Sue Ellen S.

Your cookies are Kick-a$$ 

Bob C.

Your cookies are fantastic...the ginger are my favorite


They are delicious! 

Judy P.

Once you start with the white chocolate caramel popcorn....you won't be able to stop! It's the best thing on the planet! TOTALLY addicting!! All of their items are to die for....so yummy....Once I tried a sample...I was hooked! Great goodies and great people!!! Keep up the good work

Diane S.

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